How Minut helps MYP Services unlock operational efficiency and cut down on costs on their properties in Australia

Read on to find out how we help Australian property management service MYP Services cut down on costs and protect over 60 properties in party-prone areas.
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November 28, 2023
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How Minut helps MYP Services unlock operational efficiency and cut down on costs on their properties in Australia

MYP Services, a leading Australia-based property management service boasting a portfolio of over 60 properties across the country found themselves facing unique challenges in maintaining a balance between guest satisfaction and neighborly relations. Noise disturbances, particularly in lively and party-prone areas like the Gold Coast, posed a significant concern to the MYP Services team. 

In their pursuit of an effective solution, they discovered Minut, the first all-in-one sensor monitoring indoor and outdoor noise, occupancy, temperature, humidity, motion, and cigarette smoke in vacation rentals. In this case study, we’ll let you in on how Minut transformed MYP Services' property management approach and helped them protect their rentals while respecting guest privacy.

Minut's noise detection feature: a favorite among hosts all over the world

Managing a diverse portfolio of properties in Australia, MYP Services found a robust ally in Minut's noise detection feature. Noise disturbances, especially in lively areas like the Gold Coast, can be difficult to tackle without a strong, yet intuitive solution. Minut's noise detection quickly became the team’s go-to for preventing parties, as well as their favorite and most used feature. 

In areas known for their vibrant nightlife, the potential for noise-related issues was a constant concern for MYP Services. Minut's noise detection feature provides them with real-time alerts, allowing their team to address issues promptly. This proactive approach not only prevents potential disruptions but also allows MYP Services to set clear expectations for guests. Displaying their use of Minut sensors on their property listings became a valuable asset in MYP Services' communication strategy, ensuring guests are aware of their host’s commitment to maintaining a peaceful environment for them and the surrounding community. The MYP Services team chooses to systematically let guests know that Minut sensors are installed in the properties they are renting out and to remind them after they have checked in to ensure full transparency and increase the chances of compliances with their noise policies.

“I’ve been a big advocate of Minut to other managers.” - Jacob Waks, Director of MYP Services

Safeguarding properties and reducing costs with Minut

Beyond its role in noise detection, Minut plays a pivotal role in helping MYP Services safeguard their properties and optimize operational costs. Minut’s motion detection feature adds an extra layer of security to the properties under MYP Services' management. The team has leveraged it to address various issues, from unauthorized entries to late checkouts and potential disturbances.

Thanks to automated messages and notifications, the MYP Services team have all the tools they need to ensure compliance with their listings’ rules. Did you know that, in most cases, a simple text message was all you needed to put an end to a vacation rental disturbance? This means less hassle for the MYP Services team when it comes to enforcing the rules displayed on their listings – and more time to spend on running their business to the best of their abilities.

Minut has now become an integral part of MYP Services’ strategy to ensure the safety of properties and reduce operational costs.

Ensuring peace of mind and positive relationships

Peace of mind is a goal sought after by most hosts and property managers – and this is exactly what Minut offers. After installing Minut in their properties, the MYP Services team found resolving neighbor complaints became more manageable thanks to the app’s transparent data log showcasing current and previous noise levels and patterns. This tangible evidence not only helped address unfounded disputes but also fostered positive relationships with neighbors by allowing them to put an end to noise concerns and complaints before they got a chance to escalate.

Minut became a valuable asset in regulatory compliance and dispute resolution, contributing to the overall stability of the property management business. Knowing that Minut was actively monitoring and providing real-time insights into their properties also allowed the team to focus on strategic aspects of property management rather than constantly reacting to incidents.

The MYP Services team would recommend Minut’s use to all hospitality professionals who seek to improve guest experience, protect their homes, and remain respectful of guest privacy.