We’re launching smart lock integrations with igloohome

Contactless check-ins just got even easier. Automatically send the access code to your guests with our new igloohome integration.
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July 15, 2021
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We’re launching smart lock integrations with igloohome

We’re introducing smart lock integrations with igloohome. At Minut, we’re all about using innovative tech to make guest and host experience better, so integrating with a smart lock provider was a no-brainer. The new integration (now live) will enable hosts and property managers to automate guest check-in messaging.

Over the past year, smart locks have helped millions of hosts welcome guests while practicing social distancing. Contactless check-in has proven to be a great way to offer safety to travellers during the pandemic, becoming an industry standard. As guests and hosts have grown accustomed to the freedom and convenience smart locks bring, they’ve become an integral part of the short-term rental experience.

Our new integration with igloohome will make contactless check-ins even easier, as it will let hosts automatically share the lock code with their guests. When enabled, Minut will fetch the lock code from igloohome and send it in a text message to the guest prior to their check-in date. This way, we’re removing all manual work from the check-in process, making it more time-efficient and less error-prone.

You can set up the integration in the Minut web app, by going to the Integrations tab and choosing igloohome. Learn more here.

Check out our igloohome x Minut partnership announcement to find out how Minut and igloohome can help your business (in addition to streamlining the check-in procedure).